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Horror Writer's Association Member
Horror Writer's Association Member

Monday, November 25, 2013

November Nocturnus

November has struck! Yes...The holidays are approaching fast. I plan to relax and enjoy them, but I also hope to get in some more writing. This whole last year of 2013 has been extremely gratifying in that I have seen so much of my writing published...just amazing! I never thought I would have so much of my work printed this year. I made it into 15 anthology books, 1 print magazine, and several online websites! I can't wait to see what 2014 will bring. I also hope to start work on a novel soon.

***NOTE: I was also recently contacted by the Horror Writers Association to be informed that my story "The Horror at Engle Farm" was being considered by HWA judges. This does not mean that I have won anything, but it is an honor to be considered. If my story passes two more votes, then I win 'Best Short Story.' Please send some good mojo my way as I would really be thrilled to win and go to the award ceremony!

November holds its own surprises. I recently found out that another of my stories was just published in the new THIRTEEN: VOLUME THREE anthology from Castle Easkey Books. You can get it as a print or eBook through Amazon, or the company's website.

Get it here on Amazon:


Coming in December/January: if all goes as planned I should have a story (with artwork by Niall Parkinson from Ireland!) in the January issue of NIGHTMARE ILLUSTRATED (issue #4) and a reprinted story in the December issue of Schlock! Webzine.

Upcoming in the new year I have already had stories accepted into several more anthologies: UGLY BABIES II & CELLAR DOOR II (both from James Ward Kirk Fiction) and a bunch of Static Movement anthologies (If they ever see print! Already been over a year on one of them!) including: HARDBOILED, THE BADLANDS, THE UNDEAD WAR, THE END, WHAT LIES BENEATH, and IN THE DARKNESS. I also have a short piece that should see print for Stuart Hamblin Comics and a lengthy story that I sold to Phrenic Press that I am still waiting on. I will post some covers as these titles draw nearer to completion.

Happy thanksgiving to you all! Gobble gobble!