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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Zombie Attack!

I am thrilled to have a story in the new zombie anthology from Source Point Press! Their books look amazing and they are working hard to build a good reputation for quality. Source Point Press included my only sort-of zombie story in FEAST OF THE DEAD: HORS D'OEUVRES.

Help support independent publishers and get your hands on some zombified fiction here at Amazon:


Also, check out the publisher's blog to see their other awesome releases:


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crime Does Pay!

I just got back from a long vacation to find this facebook post:

"Indiana Crime Review 2013 will be publishing this month. My (James Ward Kirk) Editor's choice goes to William J. Fedigan for "Happy as Cotton Candy." Murphy Edwards's Editor Choice Award goes to Greg McWhorter for his story "The Twilight of Men’s Lives." Of course, the anthology contains so much good writing that it wasn't easy making choices but we had to choose one each so we did."

Wow! I had no idea that they would like my story so much. I wrote it about two years ago and it was my first attempt at writing noir. I am truly happy that someone likes it! I thought it was a pretty good story, but the artist can never gauge how others will experience it. Here is the certificate that the publisher posted:

Although the book is titled Indiana Crime Review 2013, you didn't have to be from Indiana to submit to it. That is just the state the publisher lives in. The print version is now on sale at Amazon so get it already!