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Monday, October 13, 2014

October! Finally!

Yes...October. Time to finally break out the horror movies and get ready for Halloween. As you can tell, I sort of took September off from my blog. I was just too busy with work and thus my writing had to take a backseat for a month. Besides, not too much is going on right now. What is going on? WEIRDOS!

A book featuring photographs by Dawn Wirth was just released by her and Jesse Viduarre (a.k.a. Jesse Xerox) and it documents Los Angeles' most notorious (and first) punk band, WEIRDOS. All of the glorious photos are from 1977 up to maybe 1978, the earliest incarnation of this amazing band. I am very proud that Dawn asked me to write an introduction to her book. Besides my two-page introduction, there are also intros from such luminaries on the scene as Pleasant Gehman (Lobotomy Fanzine, SCREAMIN' SIRENS), Terry Graham (drummer for BAGS, GUN CLUB), and Cliff Roman (founding member and guitarist for WEIRDOS). If you love punk rock or just great rock photos, get this book!


Other writing...I do music reviews occasionally too for magazines like Ugly Things, Record Collector News, Maximum Rock'n'Roll, and The Big Takeover. Recently I was asked to write some reviews for an amazing magazine out of England titled FAILSAFE.

FAILSAFE is all about the pioneers of punk rock and the glorious history of punk music on both sides of the Atlantic. Strange thing about it though...I don't think you can buy it anywhere! It is made as a labor of love from the publisher and mailed out around the world to appreciative miscreants. Oh well...If you ever see it, check it out. Great insights on punk rock bands and history.

Other news? Well...Dead Guns Press says that their western horror anthology BADLANDS should be out soon. It features two of my stories...more on that when it is out. UPDATE!!! BADLANDS is now available on Amazon in paperback format! I have two short horror stories set in the wild west of the 1800s within this anthology. Get it here:


I hear that AXES OF EVIL II is being assembled and should see release soon. It has one of my stories in it.

I'm still waiting to hear from a publisher to see if my novella, SHADOW FALL, will see print any time soon.

I'm slowly putting together my personal anthology for James Ward Kirk Publishing. I hope to have it ready to go to print by the new year.

And that is about it right now...Whereas last October seemed a flurry of activity, this October seems quiet so far. The calm before the storm? I hope so! I need to get back to writing so I am making this short.