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Horror Writer's Association Member
Horror Writer's Association Member

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ferocious February!

Hey now everybody! Just a quick blog post here. February has been really slow for me as far as publishing goes, but things are starting to kick into gear. I just got two of my pulp/crime stories printed in a wonderful new book:


Edited by John L. Thompson, Published by Dead Guns Press

My two stories:

"The Twilight of Men's Lives" (about a day in the life of a gun-for-hire and the double crossing that leads to many deaths.)


"The Soundtrack" (a novella sized story about a Hollywood private eye and the mess he gets into with a mobster that wants something returned to him.)

You can download the Kindle version for FREE right now here:


Or you can be adventurous and get the print book here:


In other news, I have stories coming out in March with Thirteen Press (an imprint of Horrified Press), Schlock! Webzine (a zombie penguin story of all things!), and a novella entitled "Snapshots of Hell" from a new imprint called Phrenic Press. More on all of these things as they develop.

More next month...March Madness is coming!