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Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Cometh

Hey gang! Not too much to relate right now. My writing output has been pretty slow as I've been bogged down with other projects and my regular job. I know...NOT a good excuse, but stuff happens. This post will cover November and December activities. So what is new? Well...

I did have a story accepted by Mystery and Horror, LLC for their upcoming anthology entitled HISTORY AND MYSTERY, OH MY! Here is a peak of what I believe will be the cover art. This is slated for very late 2014 or very early 2015 release:

Whoa! Another anthology that is coming out very soon that I am lucky to be a part of is the AXES OF EVIL II. This is the second in the series of horror stories centered around the world of hard rock, heavy-metal, and punk. The editor, Alex S. Johnson, has been working really hard on this series and has done a lot of publicity to set the stage for a great release. This book will be published by J. Ellington Ashton Press. Here is the cover done by Stephen Cooney:

Like I said, the editor has been working hard on publicity and here is a link to a radio interview he did about the series:


This should be an amazing anthology and I am honored to be in this one. Some of you know that I have been dealing with bands and the music industry since 1985 so I think it is great that one of my stories was actually able to fit within the scope of this anthology as I do not normally mix the world of music with the world of horror. This should be a fun read.

I also have a piece or two coming out in another anthology that will be released by a newer publisher named Barbwire Butterfly Books. Their anthology is completely based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft and his Cthulhu mythos. Although I am a big fan of his mythos, I have written little based on it so this publisher will be publishing what little I've written around it. I'm not sure when this is due out, but I did sneak a peak at the Table of Contents and found these fine writers:


Author List:
Angel Zapata, Juan Julio GutiƩrrez, Gary Murphy, Lee Zumpe, David S. Pointer, Mathias Jansson, Dustin Coffman, Carl Fox, E.s. Wynn, Wilum Pugmire, Erin Cole, Ron Koppelberger Jr., Gary Thomas, Michael Lindquist, Patricia Anabel, Greg McWhorter, Brian Rosenberger, Lori R. Lopez, James Anderson, Kevin Henry, David-John Tyrer, Frank Searight, Charles Danny Lovecraft, Ashley Dioses, KA Opperman

Sorry that I do not have much else to share right now. I have to get back to writing and getting my personal anthology together. I am also getting sucked into writing more reviews on records and books for music magazines so watch out for info on that next time.

I leave you with a darkly humorous cover from an EC Comic Book from 1954. I was lucky enough to have one amateur horror/sci-fi story and art published by EC Comics many years ago (I need to dig it out and share it here soon) and I wish they were still around.

Cheers and Happy Holidays! -Greg McWhorter