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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Time Blues

Wow! Where does the time go at summer? Family, friends, hobbies, to-do list stuff...oh yeah...WRITING! Here it is already July and I have not written a single short story, but I have completed the skeleton of my first novel. I want to take a few days away from it, but then I need to reread the whole thing and flesh it out a bit before I start sending it publishers. My writer's group is also reading it and giving me some good advice on parts. I won't leak any of it just yet, but i will say that it involves hybrid undead ghost-like creatures that are invading London. I wrote it much like Bram Stoker's Dracula with a nod towards pure journalism in some parts, to pure pulp and horror in equal amounts in other parts. More on this soon...I will say that being a fan of the short story, it was a little difficult for me to get into a novel length venture, but I'm glad I did and I think horror fans will enjoy the result.

In other July news...

THE UNDEAD WAR: TALES OF THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is now available as both a regular paperback and an eBook from Dead Guns Press. I have one short story in this collection and it is the only story I've ever written with a true zombie in it. My story in this is a reprint of one of my older stories, but I was thrilled to be included in a tome with other great writers like Selene MacLeod, T. Fox Dunham (Congrats to Dunham who is getting one of his novels turned into a movie!), Matthew Wilson, Gary Murphy, and John L.Thompson, just to name a few.

Get it here as an eBook:


Or here in paperback edition:


In other horrific news...

I wrote an original short story a few months back to go along with a piece of artwork by legendary black/death metal album cover artist Niall Parkinson from Ireland. I was really inspired by his piece entitled "The Time Has Come" and wrote an entire short story around his artwork. My story is just now seeing the light of day courtesy of James Ward Kirk Publishing and Niall's book titled NO SIGHT FOR THE SAVED. Right now it is only available as an eBook, but I understand it is just a matter of days before you can get a paperback copy.

Here is the eBook link:


UPDATE: JULY 21st: The paperback version of NO SIGHT FOR THE SAVE is out now! You can order the paperback here:


Here is the artwork that inspired what I think is one of my very best short horror stories to-date:

"The Time Has Come" by Niall Parkinson

That is all for now, but I hope to bring you some great news about my novel in the near future! Cheers and Happy Summer, Greg

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