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Monday, June 17, 2013

Songs For The Raven

Songs For The Raven is another anthology released recently by James Ward Kirk Fiction: http://www.jwkfiction.com/

Here is the publisher's description for this anthology:

Songs for the Raven investigates the human condition, trying to establish a literary approach to horror by bringing together stories and poetry that show us thoughtful perspectives of the painful truths that humanity tries to hide from itself, the deep, subconscious currents that run through our collective minds. We express emotion in many ways, often caused by our mood, following established patterns handed down through generations and reinforced in the myriad literary works that we all read at one point in our lives. In many works these emotions seem manufactured, trite even, carefully constructed veils that distract us from the deeper feelings that life itself imparts. This anthology examines those deeper emotions, tries to analyze the feelings through poetry and prose that digs deep into the human condition and that reflects the unsavory aspects of our very souls, bringing shadows to the light or shrouding them in even darker shadows. For where there is light, there is shadow and the authors wonder, at all times, what lies beyond the shadow, what really drives and motivates their characters, uncovering the awkward and uncomfortable facts or our lives and our very existence. Can anyone say they live life truthfully, guileless, free from the burden of little and bigger lies? The authors dare ask these questions and in the ensuing silence they tread on the delicate shards of broken souls, grinding them beneath their stone cold heels, hoping that the feeling will evoke emotions real and raw that spill forth like a song of bitter anguish. And from the shadows, the raven observes, ponders, waits, listens to the songs, selecting the right moment to show painful, blinding truth…

Here is my review of it from GoodReads:

 In an age of hack filled anthologies, I found this one to be really exciting in it's scope. The horrors of humanity. Not your average monster book, but more a mirror showing the monster within us. Some truly disturbing pieces like "Bereft" by Paula D. Ashe and "Soulman" by Chantal Noordeloos. I was shocked by "Danger to Society" by Julienne Lee in how the nihilism of the piece so closely mirrored my thoughts on my flash contribution entitled "Light." Of course I may be bias as I contributed to this anthology, but I truly believe that this is one of the most literate horror anthologies conceived in recent times and should be read by anyone that enjoys a trip through the dark side of humanity.

I really like the scope of this anthology. I also think some of my best flash fiction pieces to-date are printed here: "An Abstract of Measures" and "Light." Both of which I am very proud of. This book also features, yet again, a fantastic William Cook cover:

Get the print version here on Amazon (now available for Kindle too):

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