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Horror Writer's Association Member
Horror Writer's Association Member

Thursday, July 18, 2013

San Diego Comic-Con 2014

I can't believe it! One of my stories is making its debut this year in a brand new science-fiction magazine titled AGE OF ANDROIDS at the San Diego Comic-Con, which starts today! This is the first issue of the new slick magazine and the publishers are giving away 5,000 free copies to attendees of the convention. For now, you can only get one if you attend the convention, but their website says that copies may be available through them directly in the near future:


Here is what the cover looks like for the first issue (my story "Intellectual Property" is listed on the cover!):

Here is a retro-style art piece that goes with my story:

I am very excited to again have an artistic presence at this years San Diego Comic-Con. I have attended sporadically since 1979, when the convention was all comic books and at a smaller location. I actually used to write and draw a comic strip for my college newspaper called "New Attitude" which enabled me to attend as an artist/writer during the late 1980s. I was also a guest speaker at the 1999 convention when I spoke about African-American images in comic books of the 1930s & 1940s. With how big and unwieldy the convention has gotten, I have rarely attended it in the 2000s. I hope that I may return next year...

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