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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Upcoming Tales...

Hello all! I just thought I'd share some more covers from anthologies, that will soon be out, with my stories in them. The first one has a misleading title INDIANA CRIME 2013 from James Ward Kirk Fiction. Even though this anthology is being created by a publisher from Indiana, the press is taking stories from anyone, anywhere. They recently said that they are just waiting on two more stories that are almost finished and they should print this book by end of this August. This anthology features a crime/noir story that I wrote "The Twilight of Men's Lives." A dirty little tale with a gun-for-hire as the protagonist. Everyone dies in the end...'nuff said:

The next anthology I am being told is filling up fast and may be out soon as well. It is titled SERIAL KILLERS: TRES TRIA also by James Ward Kirk Fiction. As I am not a big fan of serial killer stories, I had to work hard at writing something for this book. Based on some realities in my life, I wrote a story titled "Killer of Little Souls." I won't say anything about this short story except that it follows my modus operandi of a surprise ending.

Okay...I have a lot more stuff getting ready to come out like some of the anthologies that I shared a few posts ago so I won't rehash those. Instead, I want to mention that Schlock! Webzine is posting one of my stories in their online FREE webzine. My story "Lost and Found" is supposed to be posted for the July 21st edition of the webzine. I must tell you now that this story was the first horror story that I ever attempted and it is not very good. It follows too many classic patterns and reeks of a bad Lovecraft knock-off from a hack writer, but I figure that a webzine called Schlock! may be the best zine to place it in. What the heck.
On another Schlock! note, they tell me that THE PULPATEERS will be out soon as well! This is a print anthology that also features one of my earlier stories. More info when I get it. Cheers, Greg

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