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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Maniacal March!

Okay...things are picking up. The end of March will see a few of my stories released. First up is NIGHTMARE ILLUSTRATED #5 coming out around March 23rd. My story in this issue is my personal favorite/best story. It combines horror with thriller. Kind of genre-bending and a bit of twisted mind-screw...Artwork supplied by the uber talented Niall Parkinson from Ireland. Niall is best known for his Black Metal album covers, but he consented to ink some pics for my story. What a guy! I will need to light a black candle in his honor! You can check out Niall's artwork here:


The aforementioned NIGHTMARE ILLUSTRATED #5 will be available from Horrified Press (paperback and kindle, I believe)on Lulu.com on or after March 23rd. Here is a sneak of the cover (cover by the very talented Stephen Cooney):

Also coming from Horrified Press' affiliate press is the anthology WHAT LIES BENEATH from Thirteen Press. This anthology includes an early story of mine titled "Tell Me Where He Lies." Although this story has seen print elsewhere, this is the final, and best, edit version. Here is the cover (another Stephen Cooney masterpiece!):

I will give you ordering details when this goes on sale (paperback and kindle), but my understanding is March 26th and also through Lulu.com. Thirteen Press also has one of my stories coming out in another anthology titled IN THE DARKNESS. I think this may be released next month...April?

I also have a novella that will be available at almost any time soon from a new imprint called Phrenic Press. I cannot tell you anymore or share the cover pic yet, but I can tell you that my story is titled "Snapshots of Hell" and is one of my most ambitious works yet. When this goes on sale, it will be kindle/digital-only. This is one of my very best efforts yet and I cannot wait until it gets out to the public for mass consumption...mass horror! More as it develops...

Lastly, I am still working on my first novel that is tentatively titled SHADOW FALL and I'm about 1/3rd of the way finished with it. Okay...so I have not come that far with it, but I hope to have it finished by summer time and I already have some pretty big nibbles on it form top-tier publishers. I cannot wait to see what develops. I don't want to say much about it now, but it is coming together to be quite a story! Teaser: Violent ghosts...London...Nazis...oh my!

As always...stay tuned...stay sick!

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