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Horror Writer's Association Member
Horror Writer's Association Member

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Addendum

Ladies and Gentlemen...My novella, SNAPSHOTS OF HELL, has finally been released by Phrenic Press as a Kindle download for .99 cents on Amazon.

Here is a summary of my story:

John Evers had been propelled to fame through his legendary photographic exhibits in the posh galleries of New York City.

Moving himself and his wife to England for professional reasons, John now finds his personal success fleeting. In order to recapture his fame, he takes a gamble on a single lot being auctioned off rather dubiously. As fortune would have it, John is lucky enough to gain possession of the lot he is seeking: LOT 466-8 CAMERA AND UNDEVELOPED FILM FROM THE ESTATE OF ALEISTER CROWLEY.

John can’t believe his luck at acquiring undeveloped rolls of film once belonging to Aleister Crowley, one of England’s most famed Satanists. Believing this good fortune to be his salvation, John unknowingly releases an evil from beyond the grave that will not rest until it ravages both his mind and his body.

Will John and his wife discover a way out of their personal torment before it’s too late? Or will their life become another collection of 'Snapshots of Hell'?

I don't want to give any more away, but please check out my story for a horrific good time! You can get it here at Amazon:


Phrenic Press is a new publishing company that has strict rules as to the quality of stories that they will publish. If you enjoy well written horror that avoids cliche and gimmicks while haunting your cerebellum for days to after a reading...check out Phrenic Press and their stories on their blog:


Or learn more (and 'like' them) on their facebook page here:


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