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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I've Been a Baaaad Boy!

Hey everyone in cyberland! It is I, Greg McWhorter, back again. I have not posted in quite a while as I have been very busy with life. I've spent the last few months doing some major repairs on my house and have had a lot of family come and visit and so on. I've been very bad in that I have spent little time writing. I plan to rectify this immediately and just tonight I completed a 3,358 word horror short story for an upcoming anthology. Yay! So...what news do I have for you?

FIRST: My novella that I have been trying for a year to get published should actually see print/digital form soon. At the latest by January, I hope. This has been my longest horror story yet, clocking in at a whopping 31,000 words and professionally edited, etc. No fluff, just all good story and horror! I don't want to give it away just yet, but think Ghostbusters mixed with Indiana Jones and a zombie-style invasion...That is pretty close.

SECOND: I received this happy news regarding an anthology that I have a story in:

"History and Mystery, Oh My! is a finalist in the Short Fiction category for the 2015 FAPA President's Award. The Florida Authors & Publishers Association awards these annually. Monstermatt Patterson took the gold last year with Ha-Ha! Horror.

HMOM is up against two other story collections for the gold.

The awards will be given on August 8th. Keep your fingers crossed!"

It is really a super anthology. You can pick one up in print or digital at Amazon:


THIRD: I did get some record reviews and a live concert review printed in this fine magazine out of the U.K.:

FOURTH: I finally got the next episode of my cable show out on Time-Warner Channel 16 in the Riverside/Moreno Valley/Perris area. It is also available for FREE viewing on youtube here:


This episode is on Garage Rock of the 1960s and the influence it still has up to present day. It features me conducting interviews with THE SONICS, THE MUSTANGS, and MIKE STAX (of THE LOONS and Ugly Things Magazine). There are also musical performances and much more. Check it out if you are a music fan.

FIFTH: I promise to start writing more again! Also, I have decided to do some drawing again after not drawing for years (except doodles). Here is my most recent horror effort:

Well...I want to keep this short for now so this will be all for August, but next month I hope to share some big news with you regarding my novella and the releases of other anthologies that my stories will be in. Back to work now! Cheers!

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